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Thomas Brugmann 

The aim of my work

is to help you achieve better and sustainable health, improve your quality of life, well-being and contentment on all levels, and to carefully support and accompany you in this process.


My Methods:


I am recognized by well-known health insurances via EMR, ASCA and EGK:

ZSR-Therapist No.: I165661

EMR Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register: ZSR-EMR Therapist No.: N982777
EMR health insurances recognitions for Rebalancing
EMR health insturances recognitions for foot reflexology massage

ASCA Swiss foundation for complementary medicine: ZSR-ASCA Therapist-No.: U043347
Health insurance partners of ASCA 

EGK-Therapist-No.: 33468
Deep fascia tissue massage (Rebalancing), Foot reflexology massage

Please check which organisation your health insurance is partnered with, EMR or ASCA. If it is of importance to you to claim back the treatment cost from your health insurance, please check with them directly whether they accept the method(s) or not.